En qué lugar quedó Kyoto Fushimi en la primera interhigh?

No se muestra en el manga (sólo se da el orden estricto de los seis primeros puestos, que quedan repartidos entre los de Souhoku y Hakogaku), pero dado que en el segundo Inter High KyoFushi tiene los números del 111 al 116, lo lógico es asumir que sus miembros restantes llegaron en décimo primer puesto / puesto No.11 (lo siento; los numerales ordinales me siguen complicando la vida en español).

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Hola, gracias por tus traducciones :) espero que puedas responder esta pregunta si no es mucha molestia. Alguna vez en el manga ha aparecido la hermana de Midousuji aparte del chapter 152?

¡Hola! Y gracias por escribir ;)
Lamentablemente, Yuki sólo aparece en un par de viñetas (en el cap.152, vol.18) en todo el manga. Debo mencionar que no es seguro que se trate de su hermana, por más que ella lo llame “Akira-niichan”. Es común entre los niños en Japón llamar niichan a otros miembros de la familia o personas mayores,  de modo que Yuki podría ser tanto la hermana menor como la prima, o en realidad, cualquier otro familiar de Midousuji.

En el fandom japonés, empero, Yuki es generalmente retratada como la hermana menor de Midousuji. Personalmente, pienso que esta predilección de los fans -me incluyo entre ellos- viene del hecho de que así podemos elaborar más sobre Midousuji y sus relaciones personales (porque, sí, lo más común es que pongan a Midou como bastante cercano a Yuki… al menos, tanto como nuestro chico puedo serlo de otra persona).

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Can you just tell us who won the ibterhigh and what happened to onoda and imaizumi as well as fukutomi? Guess manami wins but please tell us the first 3

Sure ;) I haven’t written yet a summary of vol.26 and 27 (there’s lot of text I need to check and that usually takes me some time), so this will be more of an overview of those volumes, I guess?
Spoilers about the Inter High winner are all over my blog ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━ but the order of the other 5 cyclists making it to the top of the tournament does come as a bit of a surprise. There are the Ace Climbers from Souhoku and Hakogaku, for instance: they don’t have a more relevant participation in the race since vol.23… but that doesn’t mean they won’t make a comeback for the last of the IH.

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Chap.297, part 2 ← part 1

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cosplaythief added in this post:
I don’t think they washed their hands. That’s friggin gross.

Well, if we’re to follow the flow of the action from panel to panel… Kaburagi didn’t. Doubashi wasn’t apparently using the toilet cubicle, but as he says in these panels -and it’s later a bit more elaborated upon-, he was instead taking his time to concentrate before the race start… until a certain orange-headed boy came pounding on the door.

I find quite fun that Doubashi actually waited for Kaburagi to, er, finish his business. In any case, I think there’s one clear message we can draw from these chapters: no matter if you’re going to get into an argument/fight with a guy who’s like three times your size and sweat blood pedaling in the national cycling school tournament afterward… hygiene always comes first! So, yeah, don’t ever forget to wash your hands.

…just couldn’t help add my comment here *cough*

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hi! do you mind me asking if you have a twitter?ヾ(・ω・;) (or if you've been asked this already, sorry OTL)

Hello! And there’s no need to apologize ;)
I happened to sign up for a Twitter account a couple of weeks ago. Here’s the link: https://twitter.com/715mmt
I’m awful at coming up with names and titles, and since everything else seemed to be already taken, I chose “715mmt” because “715mm tall” (28.15 inches) is the height of my biggest ball-jointed doll (’-’*) Not any special meaning to it, except that… I do love dolls, I guess.

As you might have guessed, I’m completely unable to express myself in 140 characters or less Σ(゜゜), and that was why I never set up at Twitter account until now. That said, I’m planning to use it to keep track of relevant news about Yowapeda in general, Japanese anime stores I buy from, and doujinshi circles I like, hence the lack of proper content so far. I don’t think I’ll be posting any “original” content there, but rather, I’m linking my Tumblr account to Twitter.

Thanks for writing!

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Where can I find chapter 167? I can't seem to find any volumes past 19..

That’s because there aren’t any complete scanlated volumes past vol.19, I think. Now, I’d like to recap that…

  • Sukikatte scanlated the first 10 volumes.
  • Sleeping Dragons has scanlated vol.10-16 so far.
  • Tumblr user great-blaster has translated vol.17, 18 and part of 19, and is planning to finish the whole first part of the manga (up to vol.28).

You’ll also be able to find individual manga chapters scanlated by other fans, as well as many other Yowapeda media translated. I know you’re eager to see the rest of the Inter High and the second anime series will air in a few months… but, please, bear in mind it’s fans translating the manga because they genuinely want to share with the rest of us: they need to work at their own pace. Have a little patience! Online manga viewer sites such as Mangahere usually upload available complete chapters and volumes as soon as they’re released by translators/scanlators, so if you don’t seem to find any more scanlated Yowapeda chapters out there… that’s because there aren’t any more yet.

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You don't know how helpful you are ;^; you don't have to think about closing your blog, 'cause there are a lot of people who follow you and your spoiler about Pedal. I'm the first one who check your blog every day XD I love your color panels and your translate, your summaries, etc... TwT ♥ I just wanted you to know it <3

Thank you very much for your comment! I really appreciate your words and your support ;)

…And I’d also like to apologize for all the unnecessary drama in that one announcement. It’s true I can’t help feel very annoyed at or even depressed because of the fandom sometimes, but it did take me a long time to realize I should focus instead in what I truly enjoy about the fandom, right? 。^‿^。 That doesn’t mean I don’t like the first part of the manga or don’t appreciate all the Asks and comments I receive from other Yowapeda fans… quite the opposite! If there are other fans who like and find my blog helpful, well, that’s reason enough to keep it up and running.
So, thanks again for taking your time to write, too. Much love (*^3^)/~♡

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Chap.296-297, part 1

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Yowamushi Pedal: Vol.23-25

This is a summary of the 3rd Stage/Day of the Inter High, vol.23-25; I’ll update the post with vol.26 and 27 at a later time.
I do apologize for any mistakes in this post!

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I’d like to thank all of you that left comments in my previous post, or sent me messages. Actually… thanks to all of you who follow this blog and take your time to deal with my mood changes, rants and ramblings. You’re always so supportive and encouraging, and that alone is worth keeping this blog up and running (。’▽’。)♡

…but even if I wrote other “drafts” of the below post turned out too melodramatic, I do have to apologize for all the unnecessary drama in my announcement. I’m certainly not giving up this blog or the Yowapeda fandom… but I won’t stop posting about the first part of the manga, either! Apart from my endless bemoaning of my lacking Japanese skills (ーー;), I became so annoyed with and ranted about fan wars and flames, I forgot why I loved this fandom in the first place… so, I’d like to focus in the second part of the manga for a while as a way to fall in love with Yowapeda all over again, you could say. I still like the whole manga and its characters, of course, only that vol.28+ tend to get a bit more love from me.

I’m posting my summary of vol.23-25 now. It was supposed to cover up to vol.27, but since it’s taking me longer than expected, I thought I could post what I’d written so far instead of keep putting the entry off. Also, I was intending to color some more manga panels for that entry, but my shoulder has been bothering me for some days now: I can type on the keyboard without any trouble, but using the graphic table seems to strain my arm and shoulder. I’m taking sort of a break from the graphic tablet then ;) but I’ll be posting some translated manga panels I previously colored. I can’t vouch for the quality of my coloring, though, good arm or otherwise.

Thanks again to all of you!

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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote I wanted to make an announcement regarding this blog. I’d intended to reply to all the pending Asks and comments I had before, but I’m nowhere close to do so yet… however, I’ve talked to other people -who’ve had the infinite patience to listen to my rants and complaints- and read others’ comments as well, and I think I’ve reached a decision.
This is rather long announcement of sorts, so I’d appreciate it if you could read the rest of this post ↓

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About your last ask... what...what.... WHAT. NO. Your translations are really useful for a bunch of people, more than you can imagine!!! Please, don't stop ;--; </3

。^‿^。 Thank you very much for your words and your support! I’m afraid I’m starting to sound like a broken record by now, always lamenting about my Japanese and wondering about what good this blog is… but it’s because of message such as yours that I’m reminded why I began this blog in the first place: to post about my favorite stories and fandoms. And if my ramblings or translations can also be useful to others… well, isn’t that just great? That’s really reason enough to keep this blog going ;)
Thanks for writing!

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uchihafuck dijo en esta entrada:
Gracias por hacerlo en español!!

De nada. Tenía ganas de poner a la gente de Yowapeda hablando con un lenguaje un poco más, eh, ¿peruano, supongo? Pero al final me decidí por un español/castellano mayormente neutral. Así que no descarto intentar alguna que otra viñeta con Arakita y su florido verbo, pero a la peruana en español ;)
¡Gracias por escribir!

kkolycaro dijo:

lo ame *-* 9

Yo también (´ ▽`).。o♡ Es decir, es Arakita tomando una bici -sin permiso- para aprender a manejar, y dejando al pobre vehículo no motorizado sin -metafórica- familia de tanto insulto… ¿Cómo no quererlo?
Es una pequeña escena, pero además de divertida, pienso que nos ofrece otra mirada a la personalidad de Arakita. Oh, y si de casualidad te estabas refiriendo a mis viñetas traducidas (es que siempre queda la posibilidad, ¿verdad?), se agradecen mucho tus palabras o(^▽^)o
(Pero honestamente creo que aquí estabas hablando de Ara porque, bueno, es él. Mi ex yankii ciclista favorito.)

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sadistic-predator escribió en esta entrada:
Scyllua!!, que lindooo, gracias por hacer la traducción al español, en efecto esto no fue adaptado, y es una escena hermosa :c, muchas gracias como siempre!!

。’▽’。 ¡Gracias por el comentario! La verdad es que tenía ganas de probar cómo me salían las traducciones al español, y no te negaré que, de hecho, me muero de ganas por poner a la gente de Yowapeda hablando con un poco de jerga, bueno, ¿peruana?

…pero otro motivo por el cual decidí subir esas viñetas fue justamente porque es otro pasaje en la historia de Arakita que me gustó, y no me sentó muy bien -por más que no haya visto el anime- que lo omitiesen. Mi hermana lo tomó con más humor y a diferencia de mi ranteo menor sobre el tema, ella sólo se lamentó de que se quedó con las ganas de escuchar ese "¡Hey, Fukutomi, se llevan tu biciiii…!"
Ok, quizás no con esas palabras textuales, pero… ésa era la idea de la frase.

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