I intended to reply to the pending comments and questions I still have, but I’m not feeling too well at the moment and can’t seem to be able to focus. I apologize once again for taking so long to reply

On Thursday morning, and instead of the usual latest Yowapeda chapter talk, I found Japanese fans commenting about the upcoming Shinkai PVC figure, hence my below posts. And since I’m writing about Shinkai…

…my first draft/version of these panels from the Spare Bike chap.6. Mostly because it’s Shinkai terrorizing fellow cyclists all the way back to junior high school, but also because I’ve stumbled over a couple of problems regarding the translation -including one line I can’t properly read because of the scan quality-, and I might take a bit longer with this chapter.

will be back sometime later ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ・_・)┘

Hayato Shinkai PVC Figure

Edition: mensHdge TMS LIMITED series no.2 Yowamushi Pedal Shinkai Hayato TMS Vers.
Price: 9720 yens
Height: 25cm
Release Date: December 2014
Sculptor: Seishin Takamatsu
Manufacturer: Union Creative, in collaboration with TMS Entertainment.
Availability: Exclusive to TMS Entertainment (Yowamushi Pedal at TMS Shop).

leivinia-birdway said in this entry:
I wonder when we’ll get to see a complete and colored prototype of that winged Manami… I know Union C. wants my money and I’ll be more than happy to burn them for that figure…! (>.>)

Since Union Creative is opening preorders for Shinkai’s figure and will show a finished prototype of Midousuji’s, I’m assuming we’ll be seeing pics of Manami’s soon enough, too ;) Honestly speaking, I’m still having lots of issues regarding the paint job on those figures, but I do like the sculpts and, in Shinkai’s case, the aesthetics, so I’m looking forward to seeing a finished model of Manami’s. And, well, every single UC’s Yowapeda figure made available for preorders until now has had two versions -a regular and a limited one-, so I’m thinking Manami’s will be just the same. I remember the very first pic of this figure didn’t have wings, so maybe the “winged version” will be the limited one…?

Speaking of these figures, some Yowapeda fans seem to think Shinkai’s looks quite odd. Truth be told, I wasn’t interested in it at first because I thought it didn’t resemble Shinkai’s anime nor manga design, but upon seeing the finished figure, I’m very fond of the overall aesthetics of it. Even though I’ve grown accustomed to Watanabe’s very particular character designs (Midousuji can be a study case by himself in here), I think I can understand that some fans are finding this figure strange-looking: the head doesn’t seem to be proportionate with the body, the neck is pretty long, and he looks rather skinny -in particular, his legs- in spite of all the muscle definition. TMS Entertainment has an extra pic of the alternate LE version in their Twitter account I’m reposting here…

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Union Creative has posted full pics of their upcoming Hayato Shinkai PVC figure (mensHdge TMS LIMITED series No.2 弱虫ペダル 新開隼人). The figure will be available for preorders starting September 19; the bottom right pic shows an alternate version which will be exclusive to TMS Entertainment.

hello, kuriya desu// thank you so much for your hard work as always. i really love this place. Well, i just want to ask, in the japanese raws, the way "-chan" was written is in two different ways/forms/style.. the -chan in maki-chan and fuku-chan are in hiragana, while the -chan in onoda-chan, is in katakana, is there something to it, or it's just me... in arakita's panels, all of fukutomi's chan is in hiragana and onada's in katakana. is there something important to it, i'm missing? thanks.

Hello! I’m glad you like my blog and your comment is very appreciated ;)
I was asked the same question a few weeks ago (I didn’t post it to my blog because it was sent by another Tumblr user, and most of the time I reply to those messages privately), and I think I can now give a better explanation in this post. In short, author Watanabe seems to have a personal preference for writing certain words in hiragana; for example, you might have noticed he always uses くん (-kun) instead of the kanji 君 for this suffix. Sometimes as well, he’ll write クン (in katakana)… just as he always writes チャン whenever Arakita calls Onoda “Onoda-chan”. For the later cases (when Watanabe writes these suffixes in katakana), there might be a particular connotation… But then again, since I don’t think Watanabe has made a statement about it, this is my interpretation mostly.

Beware of possible unmarked spoilers up to vol.30 in the rest of this post, please!

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Spare Bike chap.6, part 1

Chap.315, part [ 1 ], [ 2 ], 3

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Sorry I wasn’t around Tumblr for the past days. Apart from my usual procrastination, I was busy in the weekend and then there were some of the persistent headaches I got from time to time… I’ve written a bit about them in my blog in the past, but if you don’t see me post here for a while, it’s most likely I’m just having one of those. Whenever I have headaches, I can’t focus enough to write text posts… and my coloring manga panels just turn out, well, rather wrong (my artistic sense, or lack thereof, shows the most then ーー;).

All that said, and even though I said I wouldn’t post it, I finished coloring/translating some more panels from chap.315. I’d started working on those some time ago, and thought it made more sense to post them now -for I’d been already posted the previous pages- rather than publishing them at a later time. I’m very fond of this chapter because we can contrast how Souhoku and Hakogaku welcomes back their respective Sprinters after a well-fought match… but don’t pay too much attention to Imaizumi and Naruko, please. Even if they’re usually picking on Kaburagi, the two of them do acknowledge the latter’s skill; it’s just that they aren’t what we might call “exemplary senpai models” sometimes (remember Teshima in the 2nd training camp wondering whether Ima and Naruko argue with each other as though they were grade schoolers?) There’s also that one panel of Doubashi getting embarrassed after being praised by Izumida… He actually reports back to Izumi by telling him he complied with the exact instructions he was given in chap.302; after reading chap.315 and seeing that one scene, I understood a little more how and why Japanese fans portrayed Doubashi in their works. He might look like your archetypical big, somewhat brute sportsman character -his nickname doesn’t help things, either-, but he’s actually pretty dedicated and determined -as the rest of the cast in the story, in fact-, and very attentive when it comes to Izumida. The Japanese fandom actually depicts Doubashi with a childlike personality of sorts whenever he’s interacting with Izumida (somewhat ingenuous and frank, not puerile).

I also enjoyed reading chap.315 because I think it shows, to an extent, the rivalry between Teshima and Izumida. As their respective teams’ captains, they don’t have a sports rivalry as Kinjou and Fukutomi did, partly because of their specializations (Climber vs. Sprinter), but mostly because there’s simply a huge gap in skill and ability between them, as it can been seen in chap.313. So, instead, they seem to be engaged in a competition to see who can outsmart the other… Chap.315 would then put the score 1-0 in Izumida’s favor.

And regarding the Spare Bike chapters…

…I know I’m losing some credibility here because I never follow any schedule nor announcement I make ∑(;°Д°), so here are some pics of Shinkai and Fukutomi being a couple of lesser trolls. It’s just that we don’t get to see both of them like this (Shinkai can be a pest sometimes, though).
So~, I’m posting Spare Bike chap.6 next. Like in, next after the next manga panels post. Ahem (」゜ロ゜)」

/ very random post END

yep i found the fishing scene! it actually was in houkago pedal and i found it just by going through the tags ^-^ thank you for your help! i was confused because i was thinking it was in the actual manga ^-^;;

Good to know you could found the scene (and the story) you were looking for! And don’t worry about being confused about the scene: I was just the same (;° ロ°) I guess I saw one of the scanlated panels from the anthology and that’s where I got the impression from (and, by the way, thanks to our dedicated Yowapeda fans for their work and contribution to the fandom, too. Much love to them!)

I didn’t really do much, so there’s no need to thank me ;) Instead, I should thank all other Yowapeda fans who are always willing to lend a hand d(-_^) This blog wouldn’t even work if not for them, I must add.

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incendiai said in this post:
I think anon might be referring to a story that was in the after school pedal anthology?

I totally forgot about the Houkago Pedal anthology! Σ(゜ロ゜;)
…I haven’t gotten this volume yet, though I think most (if not all, in fact) of the short stories featured there have already been scanlated.

Just posting the cover of the volume as reference ;)
That said, I don’t know what any of the stories compiled in this volume is about Σ(゜゜), though I did read the list of artists contributing to it and I think Watanabe only drew the cover and back cover? (Correct me if I’m wrong, please!) I guess this is why it didn’t occur to me the previous anonymous asker was referring to it… even though I still have the impression I have seen a scene of Midou and Ishigaki fishing somewhere…

In any case, thanks for your help! As usual, readers and other Yowapeda fans’ pointers are actually most useful when it comes to info than I ーー; I hope this points the previous asker in the correct direction.
That said, I should get the Houkago Pedal volume already, too…

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Union Creative has posted the first teaser pic of their upcoming Midousuji PVC figure in this blog entry. They’ll be presenting the figure prototype at the Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2014 (京都国際マンガ・アニメフェア 2014), to be held this weekend (September 20-21). There isn’t much information available at the moment, though it’s possible this figure will feature real fabric clothing, just as Arakita and Makishima’s PVCs: UC hints at it in their entry, as they joke about Midousuji having to put on his jersey in the pic.

isnt there a part in the manga where midousuji and ishigaki are fishing together? because i swore i saw it before but now i cant seem to find that part anywhere...

There isn’t such a scene in the manga as far as I can tell; unfortunately, we don’t really get to see the KyoFushi members outside of club activities. But I’m under the impression I’ve seen a similar scene with Midou and Ishigaki somewhere before…

…so I was wondering whether the scene you’re looking for looked or had the above format (a single B&W panel). The above are some of the illustration cards Watanabe draws to be included as extras with the first released editions of the manga volumes (if you buy them from Japanese stores Toranoana, Animate or Gamers). As you can see, the top two pics were included with vol.17 and 18, whereas the bottom pics were distributed with vol.24; I scanned them from my Yowamushi Pedal 27.5 fan book copy, but the illustrations cards are reprinted in this book as reference and not full resolution size images (…roughly 2cm x 3cm pics…), hence the low quality of my pics.

I think the scene you mention could be from one of these cards; at least, that’s the vague impression I have! I can’t be sure, though. The Yowapeda fan book reprints all the illustration cards from vol.2 to 27 (the very first volume didn’t include one, it seems), so if such scene actually comes from these pics, I’m assuming it should be from later volumes.

But then again, the one thing I can tell you for sure is that scene doesn’t appear in the manga, sadly. Watanabe draws an incredible amount of original art for many sources, though (from the extra Spare Bike chapters to all kinds of miscellaneous illustrations), so I’m sorry if I’m missing any references here.


Color page from Toudou’s Spare Bike ch 2 

devilcastlescans said in this post:
Oh the Top Comic release is just a reprint of older material? I’ve been waiting to see the cover for weeks now so thank u for sharing!

As far as I can tell, it is ;)
I’ve seen two other Yowapeda volumes in their Top Comics Wide Selection (featuring Onoda and Tadokoro on the covers), titled 総北1年生成長編. There’s very little information about these Akita Shoten’s line-up, and I only found out the previously mentioned volumes reprinted old manga chapters because I came across a Yahoo! Auctions Japan listing that had them for sale. The seller had taken a photo of the table of contents, and if I remember correctly, the 総北1年生成長編 volumes reprinted the first training camp arc.

So, it seems this line-up doesn’t reprint the full original volumes in order, but just specific story arcs. Judging from the description in Akita Shoten’s official site, I’m assuming the volume centered on Toudou and Makishima reprints the first mountain course in the 1st Inter High; the Top Comics Wide volumes are about 300+ pages long, so that’d be enough then to include all of vol.11 and half of vol.12, precisely the length of said course.

Chap.315, part 1, [ 2 ], [ 3 ]