As usual, I’m late with my posts ーー; I’d intended to post the below ↓ panels sometime earlier, but apart from my usual procrastination, I had some trouble with my computer, and there were also power outages in the area during the past few days. My first version of chap.274 turned out to have many more mistakes I thought 《゚Д゚》

For this second version, I’ve included all panels related to Arakita and Kinjou, chap.274 being the only chapter so far we’ve seen them as university students. In case you’re interested, the first part of the chapter has to do with Kaburagi receiving his Souhoku jersey as the sixth and last regular -hence the report from Teshima Kinjou mentions-, whereas the last part revolves around Kabu finding out how amazing Onoda is as a climber, as they train together. Teshima also elaborates about the “course with the slopes” Arakita is so happy he didn’t have to ride last year (he might not say it, but I’m sure he was also so glad there was Toudou in the team to take care of the mountain courses and all). The 2nd Inter High takes place in Tochigi prefecture, and the “spotlight” of the course will apparently be the Irohazaka winding road; located in Nikko, this is a slope with 48 curves until its top, and it’s named after the Iroha, a Japanese poem containing the 48 syllables of the old Japanese syllabary. According to Teshima, this slope would be the equivalent of riding the Hakone course from the 1st IH twice, a sprinter-killer course in cycling terms. So I’m guessing Tadokoro and Shinkai should be sharing Arakita’s joy because they didn’t have to deal with that course the previous year. It might be a while until we see the actual Irohazaka course in the manga, but I’m assuming that’s why Hakogaku has taken 3 climbers to this Inter High (and Teshima made sure everyone in Souhoku could climb slopes, too).

Scans for vol.35 are now available in the net, so I’m posting a second version of chap.299 (Yuuto’s proper introduction) sometime soon, as well as some panels from chap.298. Putting aside Komari’s first meeting with (assault on) Imaizumi, that chapter hinted about a piece of info about Ima that hasn’t been elaborated upon since, but that might become quite important in upcoming events.

I’m off to try to reply to the pending comments I still have, then! ( ゚д゚) →


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Souhoku Characters’ Names

Most of the cast in Yowamushi Pedal have names featuring at least one character that seems to be related to their personalities or their roles in the story, so here’s a list of the Souhoku club members and their names’ characters meaning. And since author Watanabe comments about some of the characters and the reasons behind their names in the official fan book, I’m also including some references that might be interesting.
I do apologize for any mistakes!

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I saw that you had made a post about the meaning behind Onoda's name; could you do that for the other Sohoku bikers?

Sure ;)
I’ve written a post about the Souhoku members (bikers, former bikers and non-bikers alike) and the meanings of their names’ characters. I’m actually awful at interpreting kanji and my lacking Japanese doesn’t help in the slightest… but for most of the characters, their names feature at least one kanji with a meaning related to them or their roles. So, a simple look at those kanji could actually give some interesting information about the characters, I daresay.

…And adding to my never ending list of things, data, trivia and the such I somehow failed to notice in Yowapeda Σ(゜゜), it seems as though Makishima’s given name is only revealed in vol.8 in the manga? As I was writing that post, and because of one of Watanabe’s comments about Makishima, I checked it out and it indeed looks like that. Come to think of it, full names for some of the characters have been revealed only chapters or even whole volumes after their introductions. Koga probably holds the record there, for he appears for the first time in chap.14, but his given name is revealed in chap.280 only, if I’m not wrong (he could lose the record to Miyahara in a few more volumes, though).

En Que Pagina Web Lees Los Capitulos Semanales De Yowamushi Pedal En Japones?

…Esta es la pregunta que más me veces me han hecho, así que espero que puedas disculparme por no darte una respuesta directa en esta ocasión. En cambio, señalaré aquí mi FAQ/Guía y, bueno, esta entrada de aquí, que de todas formas es la que enlazo en la primera respuesta del FAQ. Todas estas entradas están en inglés, pero creo que eso no será un problema.

Por supuesto que puedo contestar la pregunta cuantas veces sea necesario, pero la verdad es que creo que sería más rápido -dado que siempre ando retrasada con las respuestas- si se detuviesen a revisar los enlaces de mi blog y, sobre todo, el FAQ/la guía. Personalmente, a mí me gusta ver qué escribe la gente en las páginas o secciones extras de sus blog, y aun si a algunos puede que no les interese, recomiendo que de todas maneras siempre le den un vistazo a los enlaces o las notas adicionales que los autores ponen en sus páginas web.

Aparte de todo eso, tendría que agregar que no leo los capítulos de Yowapeda en línea -ya que no me gusta el formato de los online readers-, sino que los descargo, y el sitio de donde suelo descargarlos los tiene en zip. Si se trata de los resúmenes de los capítulos -ya que éstos pueden tardar varias semanas en ser escaneados y subidos a la red-, simplemente hago una búsqueda en internet con los términos 弱虫ペダル 第xxx話 (reemplazando “xxx” por el número del capítulo); los primeros resultados en Google dan casi siempre entradas de blogs o páginas similares con comentarios de otros fans ;)

I’m sure you might be tired of reading me state again and again, but… I’m sorry I haven’t been around Tumblr for the past week or so. I also have several pending messages I still need to reply to… m(_ _;;m

I noticed my post about chap.274 was being reblogged/liked again; those manga panels were among the first I translated, months ago, and they’re also proof my Japanese has improved since then Σ(゜ロ゜;) I omitted some panels from the chapters in that version, and there are some others that need to be revised, something I never got around to do… So I’ll be revising them, and most likely, coloring them again too, within the few next days, since I’ve been putting it off for too long now. For the time being, I’ve posted the first panels I’ve mostly checked with my niece’s help, below ↓

Arakita is the character from Yowapeda I currently have the most trouble understanding, given his rough and colloquial speech (in some other cases, he could be perceived as very aggressive, too). So, I translated the below panels to Spanish first, my mother tongue, so that I could be sure I was getting his lines right (in most cases, I translate the original Japanese text directly into English). And I must say, I actually had so much fun looking for equivalents in Peruvian colloquial speech for some of those lines, I simply had to post my version of the panels in a most neutral Spanish… as well as the “alternate (Peruvian-style) draft version”.
Anyway, I still haven’t really begun with the English translations/revision of those panels… but here’s the line I got completely wrong from those panels: 野生のカンって奴が働いたか?! (Yasei no kantte yatsu ga hataraitaka?!) I thought カン (kan) came from 感じ (kanji, “feeling” or “impression”), but my niece told me instead it came from 勘 (kan, “perception” or “intuition”)… hence Ara was saying he got the answers right in his entrance exam thanks to some wild guessing (and he could hardly believe he got so lucky). In case you were wondering how he made it to the faculty of Engineering of a renowned university.


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Could it be that the "Naniwa" that Naruko is talking about is the whole city of Osaka (which is also sometimes called Naniwa), and not just Naniwa-ku?

Naniwa was indeed the place that later became Osaka city, so I have to say that’s quite likely, too. I’d have to go through the manga and search for references (for example, if there’s a specific mention of Naniwa-ku instead of the most general “Naniwa”, 浪速, as it appears in the manga), but I’m basing my assumption Naruko refers to the ward and not the whole city on a few panels here and there.

In earlier volumes, Naruko introduces himself by stating he’s from the Kansai region. Later on, though, he uses either Osaka or Naniwa (unless it’s about his nickname, Naniwa no Supiidoman), though the way he chooses one over the other at times makes me think there’s some relevancy for him to it.  In chap.250 (even titled “Osaka”), Naruko makes it back to his hometown and says that’s the city he was born in (and there’s also a panel of the Tsutenkaku Tower, which is located in Naniwa-ku… but given that’s a landmark of Osaka and Watanabe explains about this city at large in those pages, it wouldn’t be conclusive). In chap.262, he introduces himself by stating he was born in Naniwa instead… but then again, makes no specification as to whether he’s talking about Osaka in general or the so-named ward.

Now, and getting back to chap.250, his family gives him a very warm welcome and refers to him by his nickname of the Naniwa no Supiidoman. I’m  completely biased here, however I feel his family was emphasizing this because they were proud he was born in Naniwa (the ward, as opposed to the whole city of Osaka). Later on in that same chapter, he goes to the cycling circuit where he became interested in sprinting, and says that’s where the fast and proud ones of Osaka gather. Then again, I know I’m being biased here… but the seemingly way Naruko uses Osaka to speak of the city, but Naniwa in particular when he’s talking about his epithets (there’s also the “Red Bullet of Naniwa”) gives me the impression he’s specifying said location in those cases.

…Still, thanks for pointing that out to me ;) I should now make a clarification in my previous post. 

Chap.247, part [ 1 ], 2

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Hello! I've been meaning to read your post/95173666582 but some of the images aren't loading :^(

Hello! I’m currently writing this reply on my cellphone (sorry I haven’t really been around Tumblr as for lately), however I’ve checked the post in the site app. and the Chrome browser in my cell, and I can see all images. My sister just checked my blog on her computer for me, and she tells me it’s working fine, too. So maybe it’s a problem with your internet connection or your browse? Tumblr does tend to glitch intermittently at times, too.

But do let me know if you still have trouble browsing my blog, or if happen to come across any other problem somewhere ;)

Chap.247, part 1, [ 2 ]

Sorry I wasn’t around Tumblr for the past days. This is just a quick post to note I got an Ask about the above scene in vol.29; I’d been planning to post these panels for some time now, given they’re important to understand Naruko and his interaction with Imaizumi in the second part of the manga, as well as the whole situation of the Souhoku team past vol.28, I’d add… Naruko’s reaction to Imaizumi’s request of sorts is in the second part of that post ・□・
I apologize as well to all of you I’m still owing replies or comments. Thanks for your patience!

leivinia-birdway said in this post:
Ahahah, you’re right! XD Surely Fabian will play ‘his’ role in future, so to Izumida’s “Abu! Abu!” something else will be added! I wonder if at their third year even Sohoku’s bikers will chance a bit their hairstyle or not… (O_o)/

I personally think the different hairstyles and haircuts the Yowapeda cast can be seen as symbolic of the changes their characters undergo. Midousuji is possibly the clearest example, as he’s gotten a haircut or changed his hairstyle in every “stage” his character has gone through: if Doubashi appeared with a long mane out of the blue from one chapter to the other, Midou literally grew a bleached mohawk from one panel to the other.

…That said, I’ve been wondering about the protagonist Trio and their mostly sempiternal hairstyles, too. It’s quite funny to note Naruko tried to change his hairstyle as he began his 2nd year of high school -in chap.262-, only to have Imaizumi tousle his hair three panels after that…

About Fabian: it seems he’s invoked only when Izumida is going for quite the sprint during a match Σ(゜゜) There seems to be an abundance of abu, abu lines by Izumida in the second part of the manga (and he’s been talking or referring to Andy and Frank quite often, too), so I was wondering about his lines of dialog in upcoming races ("Andy! FRANK! FAAAAAABIAAAAaaaaan…!")

Hi! About the panel in vol.26 when Onoda passes Manami and seems to have a wing of his own: I think that, as he's actually going ahead of Manami, the panel is likely showing him "breaking" one of Manami's wings, symbolically crippling him, as in "vanifying his efforts". Just my two cents...

Hello! Thanks for writing.
When pointed out about that same scene, I wrote about my interpretation in this post. I think all the other fans’ interpretations I’ve read so far -and I’m including mine among them- agree at least in the basic sense and meaning of that scene, but probably not in the connotation. For example, as I wrote in that other post, since I’ve always seen Manami and Onoda’s relationship -and their sports rivalry as well- in a very positive light, I still think the latter is indeed “nullifying” one of Manami’s wings (the symbolism of that one wing fading away), but I wouldn’t say he cripples him, but rather, I think this means Manami’s skill and ability don’t stand absolute anymore, Onoda being an equal rival that can compete against him in the same conditions.

Now, I must say I tried to be the most neutral possible when describing that scene, so I simply mentioned what was happening in that panel.
A few weeks ago, there was a big argument/discussion regarding Onoda and Manami here at Tumblr. I noticed it because some users were reblogging one of my posts about them and adding comments; another Yowapeda fan then explained to me what it all had been about. And, well, if it’s about fandoms, there isn’t anything that annoys, distresses and even depresses me as much as character bashing (I’m including pairing wars here, too). Putting aside whether that fandom argument began because of a mistranslation or deliberate false information, I realized just how important it was to state accurate references. Specially regarding certain characters, I daresay: it looks to me as though Midousuji and Manami are probably the Yowapeda characters who cause the greater controversy and discussions here at Tumblr.

So, and given this scene in chap.218 is highly symbolic and open to interpretation, without a single spoken word explaining the action, I decided to just describe what was happening on it. I now have to add I noticed another Tumblr user reblogged my post with the vol.26-27 summary and seemed to point out that same scene to me, so… I guess maybe I described the panels so vaguely, it looked instead as though I was instead wondering what was going on in them?

Yowamushi Pedal Vol.26-27

This is a summary of vol.26-27 (until chap.232 only, the last of the Inter High tournament). I was originally planning to update my previous summary instead, but because of its length, I decided to separately post this.
I do apologize for any mistakes and mistranslations!

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