Hey, thanks for all your hard work! I've gone through your posts and they cleared up almost all of my confusion from reading the raws. The only thing I'm still wondering about is Sugimoto and Imaizumi's relationship, and also the big guy who was with Sugimoto. I was wondering if you could go into some detail on that.

Thank you very much for your comment! (But I apologize for the very late reply, too…) I’m glad to know this blog has been useful to you ;)
The big guy who appears along Sugimoto is the latter’s younger brother, Sadatoki; he’s introduced in chap.247 (vol.29), when he’s still a junior high school student. In this chapter, he happens to drop by Souhoku because he’s a big fan of Onoda’s and intends to join its cycling club by next year, once he enters high school. Sadatoki is a kind, polite, and unintentionally loud guy who, at first, doesn’t seem to have any kind of special talent not gift for cycling…

Sugimoto, on the other hand, and in spite of his minor role in the first part of the manga -where he’s featured for comic relief purposes for the most part-, has considerable character development in vol.29-32. In these volumes, Souhoku is restructuring the team, and even though Sugimoto is given the club jersey and participates in official races, he isn’t a regular. But inspired by the team’s performance in the Inter High, he intends to become stronger as not to be a burden for the rest of the members. He begins training with determination for this goal, and it’s precisely Imaizumi the one who supports him in the team. By this point in the manga (↑ by Sadatoki’s first visit to the school), the Souhoku seniors (Kinjou, Tadokoro and Makishima) have already left the club, so Teshima takes over as the new captain and Imaizumi helps him around, having left behind his mostly unfriendly attitude to keep an eye on the rest of the team and interact with the other club members (the other club members who aren’t Naruko or Onoda, in any case). That’s how Sugimoto’s role in these volumes also contributes to Ima’s character development in the second part of the manga.

Elaborating a bit more about these volumes…

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kkolycaro dijo en esta entrada:
hahahah tenerlo en pedazos xD bien pasada xD y yo que pense q eras de algun lugar en donde hablaran ingles O_O ……con razon ..el vol 27.5 no esta en ningun lado mas q en tiendas >.

Ok, no en pedazos exactamente… pero casi. Separé las hojas del lomo usando la técnica de la secadora de cabello para derretir el pegamento Σ(゜゜) Las hojas a color (que están impresas en un papel más grueso) sí se despegaron, pero no las páginas a color (que son las del manga, información sobre el IH y algunas ilustraciones a blanco y negro), y de allí que diga que el libro está en pedacitos. Pedazos pegados y pedazos despegados, o sea.

Oh bueno, mira tú que en Perú hablamos inglés. Claro que uno que deja mucho que desear en ocasiones (se supone que el gobierno está implementando un programa para enseñarlo desde la escuela… pero en la práctica muchos colegios se quedan en la conjugación del verbo be y el repeat after me). Yo estudié inglés en un instituto de idiomas y en la universidad, pero le debo mucho de mi preparación en este idioma a los libros de Terrry Pratchett, el internet, los fandoms y miles de horas de videojuegos (。^_・)ノ

Sabes, el primer pensamiento que pasó por mi mente cuando leí tu comentario fue, eh, claro, el fan book de Yowapeda se consigue en tiendas… Afortunadamente, el segundo pensamiento que le dio alcance a ése fue, oh, espera, creo que se está refiriendo a que el libro no está disponible en scans en la red… EJEM.
…En realidad, este blog tenía como propósito ser el lugar en la red en donde subía viñetas de manga coloreadas, pero después de que le entrara al fandom de Yowapeda, se me ocurrió que podía traducir el texto que entendiese, e incluirlo en mis posts… Y en algún momento pasado ese punto, terminé publicando viñetas traducidas y coloreadas (en ese orden). Y aprendiendo japonés en el proceso.

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So, what's the deal with creepy Manami? I keep hearing about it, but I haven't seen this anywhere and it's making me really curious.

I personally wouldn’t call him “creepy” or “freakish”, but I guess it can be quite jarring to see this side of Manami in the 3rd day of the Inter High.
This facet of his has to partly do with his backstory. In the manga, Manami’s backstory is explained in vol.27; the anime, on the other hand, might have made things easier for fans who read the scanlations or don’t follow the manga at all by revealing it so early instead. Given he was such a sickly boy, Manami spent a lonely childhood in bed or at home… until his friend Miyahara introduced him to bicycles. As a high school student now, he’s so overly lazy because he doesn’t feel motivated enough… unless it’s about biking. When biking, and in particular in difficult situations -let’s say, a head-to-head match against a strong opponent-, he says he feels truly “alive”. The more overwhelming the situation for him, the more it triggers strong emotions in him… and that’s when he’ll be most literally beside himself with joy.

I have some more comments (along with some spoilery pics) in the rest of this post.

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kkolycaro dijo en esta entrada:
de donde eres? e.e me entro la curiosidad x ver el español ….e.e ……y de donde saves tanto de pedal ……y de donde sacaste el volumen 27.5 ….todo es tan sospechoso e.e

Pues… soy de la red, en donde me dedico a merodear fandoms y comprar más doujinshi de los que llego a leer (o entender) y, oh, también me dedico a aprender japonés traduciendo viñetas de manga ^_・

…Dejando las bromas de lado, soy de Perú. No diría que sé tanto de Yowapeda, sino sólo las cosas de las que terminas por enterarte cuando pasas un montón de tiempo dedicada a un fandom. Y el vol.27.5, así como todos mis otros DJs (y un par de tomos más de Yowapeda), los compré en internet. Bueno, en realidad, al vol.27.5 prácticamente lo he dejado en pedazos después de separar las hojas para poder escanearlo (tengo que comprar otra copia para agregar a mi colección °o°;)…

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I first thought of cross-posting my Tumblr entries to my Twitter account, but now I’m planning to use the latter just to keep track of some accounts I follow… such as doujinshika whose work I really like and look forward to. And not really doujinshi-related, but because of some fangirling going on in my Twitter dashboard I learned the new character for the next Yowapeda stage play will be Yukinari Kuroda. Maybe it’s time for me to take a look at the plays, then (ᵒ̤̑ ₀̑ ᵒ̤̑)
Speaking of Kuroda, the artists I follow in Twitter were also commenting about the latest Yowapeda chapters, since the first sprint race has just finished. It’s a bit frustrating that we have to wait longer for scans to become available in the net 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。 but we can’t complain, really. Scanning a large, bulky magazine such as the Weekly Shounen Champion is no easy task, after all. In any case, these fellow Kuroda fans were wondering whether we’d see him sometime soon… Or maybe not so soon, since I’m assuming it’ll take a little longer until the whole peloton leaves the city and the first mountain course begins.

This also reminds me I came across a Teshima and Kuroda fanart when browsing Pixiv a couple of days ago. I don’t usually think about it too much Σ(゜゜) but in this case, I did ponder why they’d be feature together (something in common they have?), given they haven’t interacted with each other up to chap.312 (the latest I’ve read). And I guess it was precisely because I didn’t think about it too much, that it took me some minutes and coming across a second fanart with those two to remember they were Climbers. At least, that’s the role/position we’re assuming Teshima has in this 2nd IH; Kuroda’s, on the other hand, is Ace Assistant, but the mangaka has already anticipated we’ll prominently see mountains in this tournament. Which would be why the Hakogaku team has three Climbers, I suppose.

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Chap.235.5 [ 1 ] , [ 2 ] , [ 3 ], [ 4 ], 5

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Hi! I hope that I'm not bothering you. Can I ask if you know what's Kabu's riding style?

Sure! It’s not bother at all ;)
The first sprint race of the 2nd Inter High has just finished and it revealed some relevant and interesting facts and tidbits about Kaburagi, adding to everything we already knew about him. He hasn’t showcased a particular riding technique so far (such as Toudou’s Sleeping Climb or Ashikiba’s Metronome Dancing, for example), but the manga does elaborate about his natural talent and his skills as a Sprinter… even though he insists he’s an All-Rounder instead.

First off, Kaburagi can handle all kinds of cycling courses rather well, something that added to his idea of him being an All-Rounder; after he joins Souhoku, though, and because of the way he rides -his form, the way he uses the muscles in his legs and back, some techniques he uses, and so on-, it’s revealed he’s a natural Sprinter, and is even said to be able to surpass Tadokoro. But no matter how dedicated and competitive Kaburagi can be, he doesn’t usually listen to others, and as things turn out, he isn’t even aware of his own skills. Teshima actually sends him along Aoyagi to compete in the first sprint race (the First Result) of the 2nd IH to fathom the range of his ability, and practically everyone who witnesses his skills in this match agrees on how amazing he is as a Sprinter.
…Unfortunately, Kaburagi is pretty prone to some silly and airhead moments, so most people he’s crossed path with agree on him being either a genius at cycling, or an idiot. Or maybe both.

Other than that, Kaburagi has a particular way of visualizing the concentration and physical effort he musters up as he goes for the goal line (as working gears), and has made use of some simple, yet effective tricks.
There’s a longer explanation in the rest of this post, as well as some spoilers for latest chapters (up to chap.311).

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Chap.235.5, part [ 1 ] , [ 2 ] , [ 3 ], 4, [ 5 ]

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Chap.235.5, part [ 1 ] , [ 2 ] , 3, [ 4 ], [ 5 ]

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…Honestly? I can’t help laugh whenever I leaf through chap.235.5 again. I think I won’t ever get over Fukutomi’s intensity at STANDING, for starters. That said, I’m glad to know you’re also just as much fun with my rendition of said chapter… but I’d like to apologize for the messed-up that entry was when I first posted it. Including, but not limited to, the missing panel I forgot to add, the coloring differing from one panel to the other, and some changes in the text.

I posted this entry in a hurry, hence all those mistakes in that first “version”. I actually stopped editing it several times -before hitting the “post” button- because of a relatively long list of things I needed to tend to instead, such as untangling the cat from my computer’s cables (she actually managed to completely disconnect it a couple of times) and seeing to my mother (who sprained her ankle… and while it wasn’t anything serious, her bandages were so tightly applied, they didn’t allow for the blood to properly circulate, and she called me when her leg began to badly cramp). I also distinctly remember stop editing the post because it was already too late in the evening and I had a very anxious dog walking around the house… but one of the reasons we moved to this town was because you can still go out for a late walk at the park and feel safe.

…There was one more issue I had with those panels as I was translating them. Providentially, my niece paid us a visit and I could ask her about a short sentence I was having trouble with. Well…

…that’s the face you make when you’re pointed out you’re reading a kanji character wrong in a manga that features furigana. Of course, you’ll need to replace coach Michio [1] with my niece in the above gif, but Peco conveys my feelings oh so well, it’s not funny anymore.

In any case, and if you could please excuse all those issues with my previous manga panels post… I’m hoping you’ll like the rest of chap.235.5. Which includes some spoilers regarding the first Inter High (nothing too big, though), and the rest of the cast trying to be in the more or less literal spotlight. I guess it says a lot that the quietest of the Hakogaku seniors in this chapter is, in a sense, Arakita… but you’ll need to wait until the very end to see him.

[1] If you haven’t yet, you should go take a look at Ping Pong: The Animation. Actually, I’ve been told the original manga and even the 2002 live action movie are pretty good as well, so both are in my to-do/to-watch list.

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telll us more about yutto shinkai please. and why does he and manami not gt along?

Hello! Thanks for writing.
I’m afraid there isn’t much about Yuuto yet. He’s been (properly) introduced a little over a dozen chapters ago in the manga, and has been featured in but a couple since then…
The little we know about him comes mostly from chap.299. Overlooking the most important fact of how he’s related to a former Hakogaku member ( ̄□ ̄;)!!, Yuuto is the second first-year that makes it to the regular team for an Inter High, the first being Manami. We’re told he won in the selection race in the F-Group (the Climbers group at Hakogaku) by a wide margin; Ashikiba describes him as “amazing”, for starters. Yuuto mentions in chap.299 he doesn’t ride with Shinkai that much because of their different specializations (Climber → Sprinter); interesting enough, he apparently doesn’t know just how good (awesome?) Shinkai is as a cyclist, hence he asks Izumida about his older brother.

…And apart from his penchant for sleeping here and there (he sleeps through his first two appearances in the manga, in chap.279 and 295… although, well, he’s shown walking at the beginning of chap.279 and waking up at the end of chap.295, to be fair), the above paragraphs summarizes pretty much what we know about him so far. Because of his interaction with Kuroda in chap.299, though, the Japanese fandom seems to portray him in a particular way, and there are several fan interpretations as well of how he might get along with Shinkai.

Now, the one time Yuuto has been seen directly interacting with Manami so far is a passage in chap.301-302 (these panels… and those other panels). As you can see, both of them have a short exchange about Onoda, and Manami shows his usual friendly and cheerful personality. There has been no indication in the manga they might not get along (we still know next to nothing about Yuuto, though), so I’m thinking maybe you’re referring to some of the fan interpretations about Yuuto?
I’m sorry I can give a concise answer here… The rest of this post has some comments about what Yuuto is depicted like in the fandom, if you’re interested ;)

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Thanks for answering all these questions <3 If I may ask one more, what's the big deal about Ibitani? There no information about him but a bunch of people seem to love him;; orz

Hello! And thanks for writing.
Indeed, there isn’t much information about Ibitani. The manga doesn’t even reveal his first name, for instance, and he has a very limited role in the manga. But I personally find him an interesting character, in spite of the very little we see of him.

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Chap.235.5, part [ 1 ], 2, [ 3 ], [ 4 ], [ 5 ]

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do you know who the redhead with the heart under his eye is? if so could you write about him, he seems cool. Thank you so much I love your blog

Thanks for your comment! Your words are very appreciated ;)
That’s Takuto Ashikiba (“Ashikiba” is his last name), currently a third-year and, in the second part of the manga, Hakogaku’s new Ace and No.1 (the new captain is Izumida, though). That’s probably everything you need to know about Ashikiba’s talent and skills at biking… personality-wise, though, you’ll find he’s quite different from Fukutomi (or probably any other team ace we’ve seen so far).
He’s introduced in chap.238 (vol.28) and steals the spotlight on the cover of vol.29. As a bit of a trivia, he simply had a mole under his right eye… but after a few chapters, Watanabe began drawing this mole heart-shaped.

Ashikiba is a polite, kindhearted big guy (as a second-year he was already 2.2m tall and said to be Hakogaku’s tallest member ever), and very prone to airhead moments sometimes. For example, he can’t match faces to names and will mistake people in almost impossible ways (he once mistook Imaizumi with bespectacled Onoda, redhead Naruko and mostly cheerful Sugimoto in the same meeting). He also used to be rather shy and insecure, and was discouraged from biking upon joining the Hakogaku team because he was told he was too tall and heavy to be able to properly ride a bicycle. Fukutomi and Shinkai began supporting him and overseeing his training at the club, though, and this is why Ashikiba feels deeply indebted to his Hakogaku seniors. While he genuinely enjoys biking and aims at becoming stronger, he considers his way of repaying this debt of gratitude he has toward Fuku and Shinkai is by taking the new Hakogaku team to victory in the 2nd Inter High.

An old friend of Teshima’s, both were part of the same club during junior high school, but Ashikiba entered Hakogaku instead when his parents moved to the Kanagawa prefecture. His hobby is playing the piano and so, he uses musical rhythm to ride, dubbing his particular style the Metronome Dancing. Unlike the Hakogaku seniors we already know, Ashikiba had little experience in official races prior to being appointed the team’s new Ace, being barred from participating in official races due to an incident (I wrote about it in this post, if you’re interested; part of his backstory is also explained in that entry). This would explain why we don’t see him in the first part of the manga, at least plot-wise.

I wrote Ashikiba differed from all other team aces we saw in the manga. Well, for starters, he can be rather slow at grasping things sometimes… but fortunately, his Assistant happens to be Yukinari Kuroda, the no-nonsense (but still rather sarcastic) Hakogaku vice-captain. The new Hakogaku No.1 & 2 are actually referred to as a manzai pair, a comedic duo comprised of a “straight man” and a “funny man”. Just take a guess at who’s who in this relationship. In spite of this, Ashikiba gets along with Kuroda quite well and calls him “Yuki-chan” (he also calls Teshima “Jun-chan”).

Other than that, and despite the incident that caused him to be grounded in the club, Ashikiba is pretty confident and determined when it comes to his resolution of winning for his seniors. He hasn’t uttered Fukutomi’s catchphrase yet Σ(゜゜) but he does take to heart everything Fuku tells him, in special the latter’s words about what the role of the Ace is.
That’s everything I think I can write about Ashikiba in a mostly non-spoilery way (or at least, not so spoilery), but feel free to make any more questions ;)

Thanks for writing!

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Hi, I've been hearing stuff lately that Komari is actually pretty twisted. Is that true?

So far in the manga (up to chap.312), Komari has appeared in a few chapters only, so I think it’s still too early to have a more thorough grasp of his character… but, indeed, the little we’ve seen of him would portray him as scheming and derisive, and his obsession with touching other people’s muscles is a tad disturbing as well.

If I wrote in a previous post Komari stood out in the manga for me because of his way of speaking, that’s partly because you can tell he doesn’t precisely have good intentions, and this clashes with his polite and formal speech. In chap.293, for instance, he respectfully introduces himself to Koga and adds he’s looking forward to seeing the latter in the Inter High… only to apologize and correct himself afterward, since Koga won’t be riding in the IH (Komari knows Koga isn’t part of the regular team at Souhoku). In spite of his polite demeanor, this kind of subtle -or maybe not so subtle- taunting would be one of the indicators Komari isn’t as affable as he seems.

There’s also his interaction with Midousuji. They seem to get along pretty well (and his first appearances, Komari was by Midou’s side), but rather than being actually close or even respecting him as a teammate, Midousuji gives off this impression of intending to use Komari’s skill instead. Speaking of which, and even though Komari’s position within the KyoFushi team hasn’t been revealed yet, he’s apparently a pretty good cyclist: apart from Midousuji, everyone else in KyoFushi seemed to consider Komari as a massager only, yet to readers it was obvious from the beginning there was more to him than met the eye.

In any case, I think we’d need to see more of Komari to have a better idea of his character and personality. Just as Yuuto -who was properly introduced just a dozen chapters ago-, Komari has had little “screentime” until now, and the manga has elaborated next to nothing about him.

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